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Georgia Quick Statistics


The state of Georgia is ranked tenth in population across the United States. With ancient mountains to the north dropping to sea-level as you move south, Georgia is home to many charming towns and a bustling metropolis in Atlanta. With hot and humid summers and cool winters, snowfall is only found in the mountains. Georgia’s historic sites and natural attractions attract many tourists and local residents with the elegant plantation lifestyle combined with scenic mountains, lakes and coastal regions. Georgia’s population is still growing with 14 counties being among the top 100 fastest-growing counties in the country making it an attractive candidate for apartments and further residual developments.

Population 2008: 9,685,744 (Ranked 9th in the US)
Capital: Atlanta
Peach State, Empire State of the South 
Estimated Median Household Income: $43,217
Average Apartment Rental Market Snapshot in Georgia:
Studio: $726
One Bed: $645
Two Bed: $763
Three Bed: $940
Largest Metro Areas:
Atlanta: 5,626,400 people
Augusta: 528,519 people

Savannah: 334,353 people

Columbus: 276,000 people


Notable Areas:
Atlanta is the largest city in the state of Georgia and considered the capital of the South. Its growth can be attributed to rapid economic expansion with increasing productivity in communications, industry, transportation, tourism, and government. Atlanta’s skyline is marked by many highrise and midrise buildings in the city’s historic business center home to the headquarters of large and well-known companies like Coca-Cola, Georgia-Pacific Corporation, Turner Broadcasting System, and Delta Air Lines to name a few. The city also has a reputation for being known as a “city in a forest” which fosters its charming neighborhoods just outside downtown with tree-shaded streets and friendly communities. Neighborhoods like Peachtree Battle, Tuxedo Park, and Chastain Park consistently rank among the most affluent neighborhoods in the country.

Avg. Rental Rate in the Atlanta Area
Studio: $809
One Bed: $821
Two Bed: $1,021
Three Bed: $1,330
Augusta is the second largest city in the state and is best known for hosting The Masters golf tournament each spring. With its mild winters and humid summers, it is a beautiful place to settle down and it is slowly becoming more influential in the industries of medicine, biotechnology, and military.

Avg. Rental Rate in Augusta Area
Studio: N/A
One Bed: $527
Two Bed: $627
Three Bed: $807


Savannah was the largest city until it was surpassed by Atlanta due to its thriving industrial center and seaport. The oldest city in the state still has its old-fashion hospitality and Southern charm and attracts millions of visitors who enjoy the city’s architecture and historic buildings.

Avg. Rental Rate in Savannah Area
Studio: $760
One Bed: $695
Two Bed: $781
Three Bed: $946

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